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  • P4 320*160 Mm For Outdoor Installation

    P4 320*160 Mm For Outdoor Installation

    1. High Brightness: Viewers can see the images clearly at a long distance in direct sunlight due to the use of high brightness LED lamps.
    2. Long lifespan: Adopting high quality LED lamps as the base material and patented circuit board design for the screen, it basically ensures a long lifespan of the product.
    3. stable performance: We do special anti-electromagnetic wave treatment and adopt distribution sweep and modular design for the screen, and it works more reliable and stable.

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  • P5 320*160mm Module Size Outdoor

    P5 320*160mm Module Size Outdoor

    Outdoor Rental LED Display Uses high quality 3 in 1 SMD LED chip which high efficiency luminescence, low light attenuation, high reliability. SMD technology takes super wide viewing angle for LED display, better color performance, higher contrast ratio and higher refresh rate, super color uniformity, low budget, high pixel density, images more vivid and stable (no flickering). With the advantages of long life, low power consumption, high brightness, high resolution, LED display is perfect for outdoor use to display high definition DVDs, BDs, TV programs, etc. And LED video wallCan show vividly colorful static and dynamic images, high resolution HD video, 720P video, 1080P video, 2K video, 4K video. Easy and Convenient to Install and Set Up the LED Display Screen in Different Location or Different Outdoor Activities, Such as Show, Concert, Performance, Activities, Wedding, Sports, Games, Car Racing, etc.

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  • P10 Outdoor Module 4s 2scans

    P10 Outdoor Module 4s 2scans

    1. Silicon rubber is chosen for waterproof protector. This material has high thermostability. We design three-protectors structure for waterproof.
    2. The mask is designed with high capacity of impact resistence. Buffering arc-surface 'structure is applied for the mask shelter It can defuse the impact football, tennis ball and players.
    3. New structure design. It can meet the needs of rental, perimeter and fix installation. This multi-functional cabinets makes the new items easily and conveniently applied in different occasions. And this structure make the seam of cabinets connection much small. During hanging.
    4. New color collocation, the color contrast between the black cabinet body and silver-gray door makes the LED screen much more elegant
    5. Angle adjustable back bracket. User can adjust the best display viewing angle for audience by the bracket. When rental and fix installation, the bracket can be folded on the cabinet.
    6. Rubber protector for top of cabinet to protect the player from injury.
    7. Aluminum alloy is used for the cabinet to reduce weight, easy to move from this stadium to that stadium.

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  • Waterproof P6 Outdoor Module

    Waterproof P6 Outdoor Module

    PH6 LED Display module:
    Certainly the best option for outdoor advertising, Rental LED Display carries a few features that make it particularly suitable for outdoor spaces. It can work in different light level and outdoor circumstances. Rental led display can also be used at stadium, bank, promotion, exhibition, station, KTV, stadium, airport and other outdoor places.

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    P8 Outdoor Module Directly From Factory

    P8 Outdoor Module Directly From Factory

    Outdoor Advertising LED Display Module:
    Tentech visual LED Sign Screen Display is the Most Innovative for advertising, High resolution P1.5 LED module approve for
    Closely video on your screen, engage consumers one to one mode, Its the
    best way to show your products before someone of choice. As it can provide dynamic pricing, promotion, product and
    brand information on the screen.

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  • Outdoor Indoor Rental Screen Mdoule

    Outdoor Indoor Rental Screen Mdoule

    Technology training:
    1. We provide the technology training for free, which contains the operation training and maintenance training in the factory.
    2. We will send our engineers to your country by negotiation.
    Documents and Certification:
    1. We provide operation manual, software, test report and so on.
    2. We can also provide all kinds of certification such as CE, UL and so on.

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  • Rental Screen Module 250*250mm Size

    Rental Screen Module 250*250mm Size

    1. Special Design This Panel has both 500*500mm and 500*1000mm verstion,and the two verstion can be used togother.Has achieve Front and rear maintenance.
    Rental Stage Indoor LED Screen 3.91 Video Full Color Led Panel Display/Screen LED Panel
    2. Exquisite Craft The curve lock it adopts is very easy to operate,both concave and convex is available,the manufacturing is precise amd accurate.
    3. Excellent Quality:
    Our field-tested LED panel is a self-contained, modular unit made of die-casting aluminum to provide superior heat dissipation,durability, and a longer lifespan. Unlike most digital signs, ours have no fans. This unique product meets strict quality controland is backed by a three year warranty.

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  • Fixed Install Module Indoor

    Fixed Install Module Indoor

    Environmental Advantages:
    1) Keep people safe
    2) Improving the quality of life
    3) Outdoor LED signs deliver better service

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  • Indoor Fine Pixel Module Clean Finished

    Indoor Fine Pixel Module Clean Finished

    Environmental Advantages:
    1) Keep people safe.
    2) Improving the quality of life.
    3) Outdoor LED signs deliver better service.

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