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    Led Display Control Stysterm Nova

    Led Display Control Stysterm Nova

    MRV328 reception card
    Product Type: Universal Display Receiver Card
    Pixel loaded: 256 × 256
    RGB data: 16 groups of RGB
    Connection monitoring card: - Panel light flash: - Embedded: 8 standard HUB75 interfaces
    Certification: RoHS

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  • Nova Reciving Card

    Nova Reciving Card

    Incorporates 16 standard HUB75 connectors, which eliminates the need for the hub board.
    Adopts Gigabit Ethernet port, which can connect to PC. Software design:
    Support pixel level brightness and chroma calibration.
    Supports adjustment of the image pre-stored in the receiving card.
    Supports state detection of temperature, voltage, Ethernet cable communication and video source signals.
    Support 5 pin LCD module.

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  • Led Screen Cabinet Aluminum

    Led Screen Cabinet Aluminum

    Ultra-light: lighter 40% than aluminum of csting cabinet
    Super thin: high strength, thinner than aluminum in design, thiner around 30%
    Fast cooling: excellent heat dissipation performance to protect the
    Anti-interference modular circuit: special electromagnetic interference function
    High strength: bear the weight of 300kg by tensile test, more strength than aluminum
    Easy installation: installed by quick lock for 20s only
    High precision: seamless splice but CNC machining
    High universality: can be processed according to drawing module, used for exterior and interior
    Easy maintenance: can be maintained in front face shape
    High cost-effective: large-scale production, complete production and supply chain

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  • Fast Lock Handle Hardware Accessories

    Fast Lock Handle Hardware Accessories

    Product Advantage:
    1. Our locks have the scale mark, it is easier and faster to install on the LED display.
    2. it is strong solidity and more secure.
    3. high quality materials, surface treatment and colors.

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  • 200w 300w Power Supply

    200w 300w Power Supply

    Name: N200V5
    AC Input Voltage Range: 200~250VAC
    Output Voltage: DC +5V
    Overall Efficiency: ≥78%
    Output Rated Current: 0~40A
    Leakage Current: <1.0mA
    Module Weight: 0.55kg
    Certificate: CE, ROHS, FCC, ISO9001, TUV

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  • Nova Video Processor

    Nova Video Processor

    All-in-one controller:
    The VX4S is a professional LED display controller. Besides the display control function, it also has powerful front-end processing, so an external scalar is no longer needed. With built-in professional interfaces, VX4S with excellent image quality and flexible image control greatly meet the needs of the broadcast industry, its user-friendly in the user interface. Getting the display to work has never been easier and more enjoyable than with VX4S.

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